Dust cover

    Dust cover protects the surface of the shock absorber from outside corrosion and damage

    Dust cover is to prevent dust and chips, to reduce particulate hard foreign object damage to the shock absorber.

    It is oil resistance, good aging resistance and service life.

Strut mount


    Strut mount generally consists of rubber and metal skeletons to link to the body and play a buffer action.


    Advantages of LEACREE strut mount:

    High strength & good cushion rubber material

    Excellent bonding between rubber and metal

    Nimble balanced rotation bearing

    High strength steel material




    Buffer reduces impact to achieve the purpose of protecting spare parts.

    Buffer is made of rubber or foamed polyurethane. Most modern cars’ buffers are made ​​of porous polyurethane, rubber material which is gradually being replaced.

    Foamed urethane rubber is made ​​of natural rubber to ensure as hardness, static stiffness, life in accordance with the relevant standard parts durability test of 400,000 times.