Air spring

    When a vehicle passes bumps, through the pavement detection sensor, the special data is quickly transferred to the microcomputer and air bag of air suspension springs can be inflated or released to change the height of the body to guarantee the smooth driving. The air suspension absorbs the impact capability of the road better than common spring suspension, and the driving is more comfortable. The compressive, durable and air tightness of the air bag is over 50% above the industry standard.

    LEACREE air suspension springs are a newly available technology from Leacree! Leacree Air Suspension Springs are designed to replace O.E.M. air springs for a smoother and more balanced ride.

    Leacree Air Suspension Springs are composed of a highly durable rubber and plastic bag. The bags are inflated to precise pressures to mimic the compression ratio of traditional coil springs. Air suspension Products restore ride height, stability, and control just like Leacree’s conventional coil spring based products but with the added benefits of near-infinite adjustability and load leveling capabilities.



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