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Control Arm is transmission element of the automobile suspension system. It connects the wheels and body flexibly through ball hinges or bushing. CV joint transfers the power of the engine from the transmission to the driving wheel. U-Joint realizes the power transmission of the variable Angle and is used to change the position of the direction of the transmission axis.

Control arm:

  • Control arm mainly composed of parts: brachial, bushing, ball joint and so on.
  • The control arm (including the bushing and ball joint that is attached to it) should have sufficient stiffness, strength and service life.
  • Control arm structure:

1. Horizontal stabilizer bar connecting rod

2. Horizontal pull rod

3. Vertical pull rod

4. Single control arm

5. Fork (V) arm

6. Triangle-bracket


  • It consists of parts: transmission shaft, star sleeve, cage, steel ball, bell shell, grease and etc.
  • Generally, it divides into inner CV joint and outer CV joint. Inner CV joint effectively connects gearbox and differential mechanism, outer CV joint is mainly connected to the wheel parts. Whether its power output or vehicles in turn, outer CV joint is at work.
  • In order to ensure sufficient lubrication of CV joint, high temperature resistant lubricating greases that the main components is molybdenum disulfide is used.


  • U-Joint consists of parts: universal joint fork, cross, needle bearing, oil seal, bearing cap and so on.
  • In order to ensure sufficient lubrication of U-joint, a good lithium base grease is used.