Twin Tube Shock Absorber

Twin tube shock absorber are two tubes design, consists of inner and outer tube; the movement of piston is in the inner tube. It is made from quality carbon steel tube, high precise cylinder, high strength and finished piston rod, unique lasting valves, special lubricating oil, performance oil seal and wear-resisting compound bearings.

  • Piston rod is made by medium carbon steel. The outside surface of piston rod is processed with microcrack chrome.
  • The tube damper is changed along with the vibration frequency, to relieve vibration and keep comfortable driving.
  • Adopting high-precision cylinder, high quality oil and importing seal to assure durability and cycle life.
  • Structure of duble tube with low pressure nitrogen can improve the driving performance.
  • Long-periodic anticorrosion surface protection treatment. (BLACK OR COLORED PAINT).
  • Range of using temperature -20℃~80℃.
  • The safety of the shock absorber was greatly enhanced by the use of high strength and high quality alloy steel SAPH440.