LEACREE Customize Service

Leacree  Jul,12 01:47 AM

LEACREE is the world leader in professionally manufactured suspension parts. LEACREE can customize to meet the customers’ needs while maintaining high-quality control on all processes. LEACREE has a reliable, experienced, and professional&nbs

Developing More

Leacree  Jul,12 01:41 AM

As a professional manufacturing company producing high quality shock absorber assembly and vehicle suspension products, LEACREE has a strong original R & D strength. LEACREE products can be applied to a wide variety of models at domestic and abroad, including the US, European, Japanese, Korean, and other major vehicle systems, which are provided numerous options for global car use

Engineer Leading

Leacree  Jul,12 01:13 AM

LEACREE's R & D team is responsible for the control operations from product development, process improvement, technology, raw material quality inspection and pre shipment inspection, equipped with advanced fully automatic CNC machining and highly digitized production methods. LEACREE products are the pronouns of comfort and professional, convenient communication channels, quick de

Do the strut mounts come with the bearings?

Leacree  Jul,06 09:57 AM

The bearing is a wear item, it's affects that the steering response of the front wheel, and wheel alignment, so most of struts mounts with bearings in the front wheel.

As to back wheel, the strut mounts without the bearing in the majority 

What cause my vehicle to make clunking noise?

Leacree  Jul,06 09:56 AM

This is usually caused by a mounting problem and not the shock or strut itself.

Check the components that attach the shock or strut to the vehicle.

The mount itself may be enough to cause the shock /strut to move up and down.

Another common cause of noise is that the shock or strut mounting may not be tight enough causing the unit to have some slight movement betwe