Car check-up for the vacations.

Mar,22 09:41 AM

Before going on the road vacation, please finish a check-up for your car!

1. The complete struts and brakes

It is difficult to check brake andcomplete struts by oneself when we don't know too much about it. If you are in doubt, bring your car to the garage for a professional review.

Complete strut is the vulnerable parts in the process of car use, and good or bad work of shock absorbers will directly affect the service life of the car moving stationary and other parts, so we should often make sure the complete struts in good working condition. If strut is failure, it will bring the greatest harm, such as wandering in the process of driving cars. During cornering, car would be not balanced, would often meet understeer or oversteer, more serious or even a cartwheel.

2. Tires

A few days before you leave, plan a time to perform the basic operations beginning with the tires. In addition to checking their pressure, you need to ensure they are not too used at the bottom of the sculptures. If they are flush with the tires, you need to change.


3. Levels

Check all levels of your car: oil, brake fluid, coolant, washer fluid ... Do not forget the good functioning  of the belts, fan, wipers, headlights, turn signals, brake lights, the warnings ...


4. Loading of the luggage

Divide loading in your trunk by putting the heaviest on the bottom. Avoid putting luggage in the cabin so that they become projectiles in the event of sudden braking or shock. Your trunk is too small? Invest in a trailer or roof box for more comfort.


5. Sun protection

If your car is not equipped with air conditioning system, attach the sun visor on the side windows and the rear window. This will reduce the temperature by about 20%.

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